Tourism Business & Destination Management


The Program of Postgraduate Studies provided  by the Department of Tourism Management of the School of Economics and Business of the University of Patras leads to a Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism Business & Destination Management.

The duration of the studies concerns  three (3) academic semesters, including  the postgraduate thesis. Attendance requires mandatory presence in the lectures. The program starts in October 2021. Lectures and activities are held in Patras.

Successful completion of the program leads to  a Master of Science (MSc) in Tourism Business & Destination Management that provides two specializations:

a) Administration of Tourist Destinations, and
b) Tourism Business Administration.

The program admits graduates of Greek university departments and cognate recognized universities abroad, as well as graduates of TEI departments.

Call of Interest [2022-2023]
Tel.: 2610962875-78, 2610962896